A risk-free as well as healthy Halloween with diy deal with paints!!

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If there’s one thing you select to do this Halloween, I desire you to reevaluate utilizing store-bought deal with paints as well as hair coloring for your child. I was shocked (not sure why thinking about the outrageous loosey-goosey policies in cosmetics), to discover out exactly how horribly toxic so numerous of these “traditional” Halloween products are. as well as we put them on our KIDS???

The campaign for risk-free Cosmetics, a national coalition of nonprofit health and wellness as well as environmental groups, were bravely identified to phone call these business out as well as spread the word that they present major health and wellness dangers to anybody who may utilize eux.

How did they do it?

The campaign sent 10 prominent children‘s deal with paints to an independent lab to be evaluated for a variety of harmful metals. Horrifically, all of the products evaluated were contaminated with low levels of lead (no level of lead is acceptable or safe!!), which can damage children’s establishing brains. “Six of the products were contaminated with nickel, cobalt and/or chromium which can cause lifelong skin problems. numerous of the products contained two, three or even all four of these metals. because of the lack of cosmetic market policy in the United States, deal with paint, hair color as well as other products on U.S. shelves include harmful heavy metals as well as toxic substances that are banned or restricted in other countries. Disturbingly, parents have no method of understanding what’s truly in these products just by reading the labels” (Safe Cosmetics).

The frightening Truth?

Ten out of 10 deal with paints evaluated contained lead

Six out of 10 deal with paints evaluated contained understood skin allergens nickel, cobalt and/ or chromium – at levels far exceeding the suggestions of market studies.

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Labels contained misleading claims, such as “hypoallergenic,” on products with understood skin allergens.

Hair colors as well as other cosmetic products contained hazardous chemicals that are banned or restricted in Europe, Canada as well as Japan as well as contained colors not authorized for utilize in cosmetics by the FDA.

These tests show us that our kids are being subjected to potentially harmful levels of heavy metals from deal with paints as well as other typically utilized Halloween products, a few of which insurance claim to be “safe,” “non-toxic” or “hypoallergenic.” These results even more suggest that the FDA is not ensuring that deal with paints as well as other cosmetics are safe, as well as it is not taking the required steps to safeguard the most susceptible – our children” (Thank you risk-free Cosmetics for this helpful information).

Here is a fantastic recipe on exactly how to make your own risk-free as well as natural deal with paints – you can discover much more recipes including hair spray, hair gel as well as deal with Paints Made with Food – at the SafeCosmetics diy recipes page!!

Face paint Made with natural Food Coloring

Natural food coloring is offered at health and wellness food stores as well as generally originated from foods as well as spices. We suggest reading up about natural food colorings as well as prospective allergies first. Do not substitute traditional food coloring, which may include synthetic chemical ingredients.


-Base of safe, unscented lotion (search Skin Deep for risk-free options) OR pure cocoa butter (available at health and wellness food stores) OR safe, fluoride-free toothpaste (search Skin Deep; prevent mint flavors, as they can make skin tingly)

-Natural food coloring (see note above)

Des instructions:

Mix a few drops of natural food coloring into the base component of your choice. test on a little patch of skin before applying to deal with or body.

Have a risk-free as well as healthy Halloween!!

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